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Benefits of Drinking Tea Tea and Good Health

While drinking your cup of hot tea, do you feel guilty about increasing the caffeine in your system or do you feel worried about getting acidity or getting dehydrated? If yes, then this article is for you.

There have been many concerns associated with drinking tea.  There are beliefs that drinking too much tea can cause dehydration and acidity and that they can stain the teeth or that tea contains too much caffeine. Well, contrary to popular belief, tea is not as harmful as it is made to believe. These are just myths associated with tea. In fact it is believed to be a healthy beverage with loads of benefits and zero calories.

One cup of tea contains only 1/3rd of caffeine in a cup of coffee and much lesser than that found in a cup of espresso coffee. So drinking tea is definitely a healthier option. In terms of acidity, tea by itself is not known to cause it. The hot water extract of black tea in fact contains anti ulcer activity. Hence, tea is much healthier than all the fizzy drinks put together. Tea is said to be good for bones. You would wonder how. It has been proved in certain studies that women who were used to drinking 3-4 cups of tea daily had better bone density than women who were non tea drinkers. Also, tea is said to be containing fluoride which is good for the teeth.  The brew of the tea results in eliminating bacteria from the mouth. It is believed that tea prevents plaque formation and the flavonoids present in tea increase the acid resistance of enamels.  Drinking tea also helps in preventing oral cancers.  Apart from this there are studies that prove that tea helps in thinning the blood and to improve the functions of the arteries.  This in turn helps in reducing blood pressure. Not only this, it is also thought that people who consume tea regularly are 50% less likely to die after suffering a heart attack.

While it is suggested that everything should be consumed in moderation. Tea is an exception because there are no studies which have brought forth any adverse effects of excess tea. So the next time you grab a cup of tea you can be rest assured that you are consuming something that is immensely beneficial for your health. In fact it is better to consume tea rather than opt for coffee or the cooler fizzy drinks. So go ahead and sip your way to a healthier self.

Tea lover Christmas gifts

Christmas is coming, and with it our tasks to find the perfect gifts for our family and friends. Perhaps you are wondering for the best gifts for tea lovers. Tea lovers are usually more sophisticated. Reflect their sophistication with your gifts. Here you will find several suggestions about perfect gifts for tea lovers.

Tea maker suite is a device to make tea, akin to the popular coffee maker. It steeps and dispenses tea, respecting the different types of tea you are using. Whether you are using black, oolong, green, and other types of tea. You can also adjust temperature and the strength of your tea.

Tea makers and infusers. There are many kinds of manual tea makers and infusers with different shapes and origins. These tea makers not only promise to deliver the most perfectly brewed tea, but they also look luxurious and exquisite, fit for collection.

Creative cups and mugs Tea lovers usually love to collect cups and mugs. These creative and unique cups and mugs will add spice to their collections.

Chinese tea pots, cups, and infusers or Japanese style tea sets. A world different from the modern creative cups and mugs, Chinese and Japanese tea sets are true to their traditional origins, made from clay and ceramics. These exotic and beautiful gifts are suitable for more distinguished and discerning tea lovers.

Tea music and arts. In Asia, tea is a way of life. Drinking tea is associated with tranquility and calmness. This music will bring serenity and peacefulness to the listener, bringing them to the ancient time, participating in tea ceremonies and enjoying the nature.

Tea leaves. There are countless types of teas in the world, from ordinary black tea, green tea, Indian tea, Japanese tea, Chinese tea, and herbal teas. Give your tea lovers a box of tea samples will make their day and let them know how much you appreciate them.

High tea voucher. Give them a chance to indulge in a luxurious art of High tea of England. Not only this gives them opportunity to taste fine tea and its accompaniments, it also gives them time to experience being pampered like an aristocrat, to enjoy themselves and relax. This gift will make a very thoughtful gift for a busy person who usually doesn’t have time for themselves.

Books about tea, and fiction centers around tea drinking. When all else fails, you can still give your tea lovers a book. It is inexpensive with countless titles and varieties to choose from. It is also very easy to wrap and ship. Give hardcover books for more luxurious gifts.