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Best Holiday Hot Toddy Recipes

Nothing may ruin a holiday celebration faster than a cold or the flu.  Many people drink homemade hot toddies to ease the symptoms of an illness but during the holidays it may be fun to put a spin on a traditional hot toddy when you are preparing a concoction to ease the symptoms of an illness of a loved one. 

Hot toddies succeed in relaxing an ill person not because they contain medicine but because they contain alcohol.  Traditional hot toddies are made with rum or whiskey.  But for the holidays why not try adding some holiday flavor?  Often when a person is ill he or she won’t feel like eating or drinking.  So why not make a hot toddy with traditional Christmas flavors such as cinnamon or eggnog so that your loved one may enjoy a part of the holidays?

Here are some ideas for putting a twist on a traditional hot toddy recipe:

Eggnog Hot Toddy

If it’s the alcohol that makes a hot toddy so effective by relaxing an ill person why not try and make a hot toddy with eggnog?  Eggnog is usually enjoyed chilled but eggnog is delicious when it is enjoyed warm and may be added to a hot toddy for a holiday spin.  Here is a delicious recipe for eggnog hot toddy:

1 oz of rum
1 C of eggnog
Dash of cinnamon or nutmeg

Dash of cinnamon or nutmeg


Pour rum into the bottom of a mug or glass. Heat eggnog on stovetop until the eggnog is warm and starts to froth. Pour eggnog in mug or glass over top of rum and stir. Garnish with cinnamon or nutmeg by sprinkling over top. Serve warm. 

Chai Tea Hot Toddy

Chai tea is a popular drink in winter months and its unique blend of spices are a perfect  blend of spices for the holiday season.  Many people make hot toddies with tea bags.  Why not try using a chai tea bag instead of a traditional tea bag when making a hot toddy during the holiday season?


1 tea bag
1 lemon wedge
1 oz of rum or whiskey
1 tablespoon of dark honey
1 C water


Using water and chai tea brew tea according to directions. Set aside for one minute after brewing is complete. Pour honey into the bottom of a mug or glass Add alcohol to the honey. Squeeze juice from lemon wedge into the glass. Add hot tea and stir. Serve piping hot. 

Many people enjoy hot toddies only when they are ill.  But after drinking a holiday hot toddy you may discover that hot toddies are delicious at any time during the year.