Brandy Cuban Recipe

When it comes to a good Cuban cocktail, there is really no wrong way to enjoy it. No matter how you choose to prepare it, either by following the classic recipe or by following some variation on it, you will surely find yourself sipping on a wonderfully refreshing and enjoyable cocktail!

The classic Cuban cocktail recipe is comprised of brandy, apricot brandy, fresh lime juice, and white rum. While it may be a little misleading to call this version of the drink a Brandy Cuban – since it sort of implies the other version does not involve brandy – the fact of the matter is that this drink has a much stronger brandy flavor than the classic recipe. The Brandy Cuban cocktail is made of brandy, fresh lime juice, and cola, making it a little less fruity than the classic Cuban. 

The Brandy Cuban cocktail is an excellent choice for a cocktail hour treat, and it is especially nice to enjoy after a long, hard day at work. Lime juice and cola go together beautifully for whatever reason, and the brandy is also a great thing to combine with the sweet soda and sharp, tart lime juice. It has a vaguely tropical taste. If you are really craving a little extra kick, consider adding just a dash of coconut cream to the mix before adding the cola. 



1 1/2 measures brandy
1/2 measure fresh lime juice
Slice of lime, for garnish


1. Chill a lowball glass. When it appears frosted and is very cold to the touch, half-fill it with ice cubes.

2. Pour the brandy into the lowball glass, then add the fresh lime juice. 

3. Fill the glass with the brandy, then stir gently to mix. 

4. Add a slice of lime as a garnish. Serve and enjoy!