Confidently Create Ad Copy for Any PPC Campaign and Get Results

PPC advertising has attracted the attention and efforts of millions of advertisers over the years. How well you can compose your ad copy is just one indispensable piece of the PPC puzzle. Yes, there are some tricks of the ad copy trade, but where do you stand with the basics?

There is no reason why any fears of losing money should hold you back from getting involved with PPC advertising.

There are a few things that you should avoid sometimes when writing your PPC copy, such as the ‘Dynamic Keyword Insertion’ feature. One thing that can get fouled up here with this technique is that it will harm your relevancy scoring unless you can do something on your landing page to prevent that from happening. Your click through rates (CTR) will be affected with this, and that is why you primarily will notice companies like Amazon and others who embrace this technique. But if you’re working on a tight budget, it makes sense to stay away from this one feature as it’ll not only get you lower conversions, but your ads will start looking the same like the others. You are also not missing a tremendous amount by writing ads and manually putting it all together.

Most of the time you do not want to mention anything about something being free in your ads unless it truly is free. Sometimes very many people get blind when it comes to getting a freebie, and the point is that it can lower the degree of how well targeted the traffic becomes. However, you need to be careful before deciding to use the word ‘Free‘ because the last thing you’d want is making your ad misleading. Don’t deceive your readers by using the word ‘Free‘ when you’re not giving anything for free. Anything can happen on the net from a legal standpoint, and people are very tired of the scams and lies.